We provide and take care of the appropriate quality of products


Our company takes great care in the quality of our products, during every step of the production process. The product is always tested in our laboratory and depending on the test results it is delivered to the proper entity. Our fleet of cars is responsible for the appropriate transport conditions, it is overseen by the Veterinary Inspectorate in accordance with the requirements of Regulation no. 1069/2002 of the European Parliament and The Council of Europe from October 21st 2009, which guarantees 100% certainty of the quality of the delivered products.

We test the obtained raw material in our laboratory

by performimg a quick analysis, which allows us to control the quality of the offered assortment on an ongoing basis and eliminate any irregularities.


Dion Nielsen – Director

tel. +48 669 707 606

e-mail d.nielsen@ue-trading.pl

Daniel Kozak – Purchase Manager

tel. +48 507 584 601, +48 780 008 578

e-mail d.kozak@ue-trading.pl

Agata Tomczak – Financial specialist

tel. +48 508 590 090

e-mail a.tomczak@ue-trading.pl

Ewa Lesisz – Purchaser consumption fish

tel. +48 780 008 567, +48 730 320 323

e-mail e.lesisz@ue-trading.pl

Elwira Kleban – Fresh fish Purchasing Coordinator

tel. +48 504 821 998

e-mail e.kleban@ue-trading.pl


Nielsen, Ciesiołkiewicz
ul. Żurawia 16A
78-100 Kołobrzeg

e-mail: biuro@ue-trading.pl

NIP: 671-17-97-160
Regon: 320902522

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